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Saturday, April 25, 2015


Arcassin Burnham

You might have the friends,
Nice clothes,
A car,
Athletic status to where no one can reach your scale,
While my world ends,
Doors close,
Nowhere to start,
Spending money countless times to get out of this hell,
Made it through highschool all 3 years,
While I never made it to even 10th grade,
No one makes fun of your fears,
I have to just go through the pain,
Calling me a faget and scary,
While the cute girls find you attractive and pretty,
You should appreciate all that you have,
Instead of taking it for granted and getting people to do your dirty work and picking on people while you're in your posse,
I'd rather be,
Just me,
That's why I prepared for every contingency,
So when you throw shade at me,
Throw it,
And sincerely from me to you,
Childish and petty,
I feel sorry for your future,
No money for spaghetti,
Picking on the less fortunate,
Will get you unfortunately revoked,
And the person you picked on before is cutting checks and going at your throat,
You gotta love it,
How the tables turn so broad,
Let's see you rise above it,
Please! I'm waiting.

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