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Monday, April 27, 2015

05. Too Much Sorrow - (Freebies #1 mEP)

By Arcassin Burnham

Long flowing hair full of deep memories , remedies and ferral galleries,
She has beautiful pictures,
Black and purple hair,
Black lipstick,
Black skirt and collared shirt,
Describing an emotional human being is not easy,
An "emo" as they might say,
Darker than the light in hades eyes ,
The stars just don't seem align for me,
Crying in the bathroom just to let your conscience free,
Freedom wasn't in the question,
Neither was her therapy sessions,
And guidance counselors attention,
No I ain't your blessin',
What do you feel when no ones around,
Who in your life has been lecturing and putting you down,
She Wouldn't Tell Me,
To much sorrow brings death,
Let's just hope your not too crazy,

People find you interesting like Kevin Spacey,

The devils taunting with you,
Telling you , "face me",

Vampire skin,
Very cold and pastey,

I just wish you could trust me enough to tell me.

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