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Monday, April 27, 2015

01. Ballad Of Self-Religious Lake - (Freebies #1 mEP)

By Arcassin Burnham

One mistake,
I won't ,
You had your changes,
And then you left high and dry,
Except the wind wasn't blowing your way,
But I know it played a part in mine,
I could feel your garden being infiltrated,
Nobody couldn't love you like I do,
On the radio a couple of recognizable tunes,
And when you sang,
I guess the wind had a change of heart,
Hair blowing every which way,
Like your soul fell apart,
And I would love you all to pieces,
I told you one day we'd live the golden years,
But not together,
And with children,
Yeah we know our phase,
That song in my head and the lake down the bridge,
Would not change the way I feel about this most exquisite evening,
I know,
You'll be okay,
For tonight,
While your dreaming,
So I put you back whole again,
Now you're back in my arms again

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