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Friday, April 10, 2015

"...As You Would Like"

by Arcassin Burnham

....Then again there are the evils,
longing to know what's been on your mind,
you don't owe me anything,
how can we go without knowing,
if you were to know first hand,
it would not be as pretty,
I guess life is not as pretty as you would like it to be,
everything is not in perfect symmetry,
only our purpose to live and then one day in up in a Cemetery,
you don't owe me anything,
I provide order to those who are lost in the mist of confusion,
burning bridges and exposing illegal constitutions,
you do the math,
cause we're all just numbers,
walking the earth with iron fists,
even the weak,
you can fight the good fight with words,
as long as you speak,
this might have been the best thing I ever wrote,
but knowing you,
you'll end up judging,
I don't owe you anything.

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