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Thursday, April 30, 2015

"....And Baby I'll Give Ya (Flame)" (ft. Dawn King)

By Arcassin B & dawn king

AB: Flame,
Annihilate Hate by my fire place with a glass of wine,
I can show you things,
Make the roses grow unique and divine,
Even when your out of line,
I'll just ask for you to be you,
In return a simple kiss of a distant lust,
Spilling and spewing purple,
No time now baby I'll give ya,
Rest your head next to mine cause I need ya,
Stay by myself cause baby I'll give ya all of me.
Appeal to the senses, gaze into the blaze
You didn't know before
That's when the fire is kept alive
It will stand right up in front
And read the molten core of you
If eyes can pry deep within its center
Waiting, watching, burning
The vision will begin materialization 
The dancing salamanders you saw in dreams
Of youth forge a bond between you and the truth.

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