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Friday, April 17, 2015

"Admired By Thousands"

"Admired By Thousands"
by Arcassin Burnham
Basket full of open doors,
Spitting image of asexual roses,
Washing away the sins kept in prayer,
Enjoying paradise,
Returning to the beauty that you’ve always been,
Suppertime in the midnight hour,
Not a right time to say I’ve seen ignorance at its coldest,
Like the saying that all humans have layers,
Unless bruised knees are kept in ice,
Don’t worry about the less passionate just look within,
Last minute discussions more like hang-ups,
All I want is cooperation from people that believe,
Forgetting where my soul went,
Then creates having lost ones self-respect,
But the emotions set to overcrowd and ……
……Perfect lack of stamina,
You want signs, but its messages that you receive,
Sitting in a room with four walls and the hours that you spent,
The only time you really have to accept and recollect,
To be admired by thousands.

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