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Monday, April 27, 2015

"Discussion (The Same)"

by Arcassin Burnham

When the wine glass breaks, 
I'll Be here,
if the origins in your excistance is denied,
I'll be there,
If rejection is a problem in your life,
I'll be anywhere you want me to be,
becasue eventually you'll have to talk to me,
put your comfort as ease,
places to kick your feet,
relaxation isn't easy,
But i digress,
And i will confess,
For my fessions will end with something shocking,
Nun The less
I could be a sick twisted stranger segragated with mommy and daddy issues,
I could make smoke with my hands , desires and fears will reside in your side view,
Or i could smoke all day and create a regretted decision to throwing my phone in the river,
unknown to a lot people i could never be as popular , but the heat of the moments getting a little thinner,

.....Or Maybe i was born a Sinner,
Theres no use for Repenting if theres no Discussion,
his priorities are elsewhere,
And therefore i remain the silent type to your betrayal,
And this time you'll have no friends in the corners of hell,
I'm Just in the clouds,
cloud 10,
Cause 9 didn't have enough Independence in it,
or bravery,
or freedom of speech,
And when you even text to speech,
I Never get your message,
Thats because i'm busy having Relations with my depression.

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