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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

04.The Witch Fan Club - (Welcome Home mEP)

"The Witch Fan Club"
by Arcassin Burnham
Earth , wind , fire , water,
Give you the shirt off my back in the winter,
Perform our Christmas rituals,
Putting elements in order,
Sweaty skin forms the devils heat,
Running down your cheek,
Its good that we never speak,
Black lipstick,
Our faith in the demons is the promise that I will keep,
Should I say more,
Born sinners and for what !!!!
This world is a sediment,
Its easily breaking,
This world is our egg shell,
Now let's get it cracking,
Now that I need you,
Skin boils when I'm in church,
I mean its a curse,
Tasting you silence like you slept in a hearse.

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