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Friday, April 24, 2015

"C-A-R-R-I-E White"

By Arcassin Burnham

A girl with a forgotten purpose,
Dealing with demons,
Creatures that can't be tamed,
I guess she was the one to blame,
Every day was a "let's get Carrie white day",
And everybody was apart of it,
The harassment and the bullying,
Can only drive a young beautiful daffodil like her to rotten plant,
Where the sun don't shine,
Bleeding and crying,
" plug it up""plug it up",
Can't even imagine a worst reality,
Or how she must of felt,
Or when she came from home,
Knowing she would be alone,
In the situation with her crazy psychotic mother,
Even when she wasn't at work,
She would pase back and forth,
Walk around,
And plunder,
Not knowing her daughter has a lot of power,
Controlled erges to not move things with her mind,
Mothers rambles about Satan,
Made it all seem worthless,
"People will trick you,
Make you think they love you,
And for what!".,
But instead of listening to her mother,
And putting on different covers,
No one she wanted to love,
Mom kept carving cuts,
I can't even imagine how you use to feel Carrie,
I was In your 3rd period , you don't remember Carrie,
The quite one with the hoodie on Carrie,
The one that hated when people would disgrace your name Carrie,
Thought you were beautiful in every way Carrie,
I hated how they treated and neglected you Carrie,
The kind hearted person that you were Carrie,
Is more room and all the time I need for us Carrie,
155th day of school , couldn't believe that you died Carrie,
I heard what happen that night Carrie,
I wasn't there because I didn't have a date if I would of had the courage swear it would have been our night Carrie,
Our night Carrie,
I know I didn't know you for very long,
I miss you Carrie white.

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