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Thursday, December 22, 2016

"Young Wonder #6"

"Young Wonder #6"
By Arcassin Burnham 

Showing kindness in an speechless manner to make
Anybody wanna resent you even more than they already have,
Dipping toes in the lake below having a fresh calmness in
The world you don't wanna really be in,

Where does the after life go when the lights dim in a four wall room
Without a door to open,
Loss of breath,
No hand to hold in times of discomfort,
Don't make it sound more depressing than it has to be , just learn,
Be vigilant to everything and everyone around making moves like
It's black Friday with fists flying,

You are a symbol for what kindness is and kindness is what
Everyone should have,
It's apparent that everything that has happened will be for reason
And not for a cause but improving the change,
You came along way young one.

"..But Christmas is coming at least".

- Arcassin B

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