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Tuesday, December 20, 2016


By Arcassin Burnham

Find Salvation in the leaves,
Liking for a day without rain to match the demise,
**Drip** \ **Drop**/ **Drip** \ **Drop** Dripping from the
Corpse, of course it bleeds,
**Drip** \ **Drop**/ **Drip** \ **Drop** making calm
Ripples free with ease,
Darker days are coming for the ones that sign their Name in
Looking for a new host to play the part, nope ! I am not the one,
To bring you to freedom , the things that you serve,
Will only get you in deep fire and brimstone plus the gnashing of teeth,
When I'm speaking his name , you only seek vengeance and run away so cowardly,
Thinking you see right through me, I'm learning how complacent
You are,
When you judge , it's not the level of polite , serves you right for
Gambling with my life,

Criticise and scrutinize , man do your worse,
I been through worse and I've seen demons at their early birth
While in my sleep at times when I can't move and my eyes are
Still open,
My mind is clear and I'm aware that the devil has spoken,
**Drip** \ **Drop**/ **Drip** \ **Drop** , having dripped
Another since dear old pops died,
**Drip** \ **Drop**/ **Drip** \ **Drop** , looking for another
Way to save my life,
I gotta get out of here , but I'm the beacon and the brightest
Light to see everything clear.

"Getting Through This Life Will Be A Journey".

- Arcassin B.

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