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Sunday, December 25, 2016

"Inside Of Me Freestyle"

"Inside Of Me Freestyle"
By Arcassin Burnham 

Lady for your information I don't need a phycologist
To reveal my mind,
My personal discretion is not any of your business,
I really don't have the time,
Talk is so cheap in America that in anywhere else it would
Cost a mill,
Guess that's why this generation of people may extort , kill,
Sell and steal,
Reputation still at its peak and I'm more wise than anybody 
So if you're thinking you could break my silence to bullshit
Then enforce the fear,
Mixed opinions and doubts about everything I do intrigues you to
The core,
But I have light deep inside of me while taking me home and snippeting
What's in store.

"I will continue to do right by me , I suggest you do the same".

- Arcassin B.

Merry Christmas Ya'll 🌠⛄🎆🎄
And A Happy New Year 🎉

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