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Friday, December 9, 2016

Berries Part 2

"Berries Part 2"
By Arcassin Burnham

Sweet embrace choosing like the holy Grail,
Let the rain fall , my soul is not for sale,
Not really fun when you burn in hell,
Demons talking to you like fresh meat in jail,
Citrus feeling minds with all things not from earth,
Drawn to a love no certain than a common worth,
Even since you been a mistake on the day of your birth,
Suicide is something you don't really wanna blurt,
Nearing to the end like do you see a vision?
It was pleasant all before , don't bring any tension,
Envisioning a utopia, when they buried ya,
Riding in a silver Toyota, in a frozen tundra,
If the kitchen knives don't drop,
Dreamt of this your whole life, now you can't stop,
Don't know how I missed this part of agony , it was a tragedy,
It's your face they'll crop,
Red doors open when you see the error of your ways dying like
Obese guy laughing at athletes,
It'll take you two whole lifetimes just to get under my skin and walk
Over me,
But you are below me , I'm more of a man than any ignorant demon would 
Ever Portray,
The taste of these and the taste of those will leave me immortal,
I won't die today.

"Wrote the first one years ago and I just thought...hey! Why not?".

- Arcassin B.

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