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Friday, December 23, 2016

"Ask For Much / 5:03"

"Ask For Much / 5:03"
By Arcassin Burnham 

All I want is for a Chance to get a life and better myself without 
All I want is my own room and my own bed to sleep in because it's what
I never had and,
All I want is to spend the holidays the right way and want everybody 
To get in the spirit,
But Right Now , All I want is to get away from here,
Please Lord can you grant my wish cause I don't wanna live
In fear,
Tell me do I really ask for much..
Didn't occurred to me that I mattered that much..
Maybe because I use to care so much...


*I would say I'd surrender but I've fallen out*,
*you and me have to agree that everyone has*
*a choice to deal without*,
*different degrees of light don't really make a*
*you and I could be more than just distance*

And when the lights go down and moods set
And your eyes are filled with water,
And your face turns purple,
With the pale moon light,
And the devils screaming hello,
From afar,
Just mocking who you are.

"I wanted something pure than life itself".

- Arcassin B.

1 comment:

  1. Live as wished

    Misplaced feelings
    And no positive inkling
    Lords says” live as per “your wish”
    Don’t allow anyone to fish in

    Life is precious
    And you can make it famous
    By taking pride in work
    With simple words

    Peace in mind may matter
    That shall alter
    Your style of functioning
    You may find beautiful evening

    As sun rises and sets
    So you do and act
    Leave behind what you got and lost
    The real thing shall emerge as result

    Feel as pure or impure
    But make sure
    You have confidence
    Then try more for its credence