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Friday, January 22, 2016

The Road To The F-A-L-L-E-N Pt.2

"The Road To The F-A-L-L-E-N"

By Arcassin Burnham

01. Took That Away

I skip rocks on streams a million times,
But it won't bring her back,
Emptiness saddens me,
As i become one with nature,
For the trees as they leave the atmosphere,
Burning through open wounds,
Drinking my depression away but
Screwing my brain in the process,
But I digress,
And fixing to digest another batch of
Cheesy fries,
Can't deal with all the lies,
Maybe it was for you,
But today I realize life is more than what
You make it,
Given it a plot and some settings and
Never take it.

02. Surreal Tendencies 

Her beauty is butterflies and roses to me,
Why do you have surreal Tendencies?
A touch
A kiss
A feeling with ease,
I got her,
Feeling her cheeks,
Rosey red with a little pink,

Some of those careless needs,
I'd give anything in this world
To have her glance at me,
Of skin
Of lips
Of the things that result in we,
Confronting her,
Now she speaks,
Could never get pass the golden link.

03. Nothing Comes Easy

Pocket full of lint,

Will Never get anywhere,

I knew where I was going,

Didn't find out how to get there,

But then you came out of the blue,

When my skies were,

Blowing kisses to you,

Knowing that my life was filled with dirt,

I'm hurt,
By the way life has treated me,
Nothing but desire and entities,
Don't come back til judgment day,
Have regretful things to say,

See what you made me do,
I'm losing it,
Because of you,
But without you,
I go insane,
I won't be the same,
I don't even know your name,
Man! nothing comes easy.

04. Golden Heart 

Throwing stones will get us caught,
Maybe in the eyes of the man up stairs,
But as long as he keeps us down,
I have a thing for your tainted soul,
Unknown age,
You're never getting old,
But in the dark we spark a light for
All the humans that crossed over,
In the sea of souls,
You're never getting old
To me,

I could make sure,
That you never see a mistake,
Although it's what we humans are
Good at making,
But the stress I am good at taking,
Saved by sin,
And delivered by lust,
Teenager with an old soul,
You're never getting old,
Golden hearts raised the glass
To broken ones where I don't belong,
Breaking out in a cold sweat,
You're never getting old,
To Me.

05. Swift

Cause I'm in some rough headspace,
But only in the state of confusion,
Saving all of the bullshit for later
Then each time getting a bad result,
It's not my fault,
I will forever and always be a prison,
Kissing doesn't help,
She told me what was my mother like,
And I said just a twisted version of me,
Then she asked about my father,
I said i didn't have one but guess that's every
Black boy's dream,
And it's also not easy being 18 years old,
With no job and disfunctional family,
Now you see,
With a swift pen,
I write poetry,
To escape the harsh reality
Of even being on this planet
And people that have special needs,
And what I need is a non purposeful life
To have meaning,
Now let's talk about you cause
It's enough about me.

06. Showing Affection

When my palm hits my face,
I realize what I have been missing,
Feelings don't show too often
Especially reminiscing,
Reminding me what I could do or
Think to say,
I stood....
Mysteries of your sexuality,
That's why you were booted from up
Must be a pan,
If he loves everything,
Then why can you expressed heavenly love,
Upon me,
I stood......
I'm dying within myself,
I know your lying to yourself,
Under a new York bridge,
Full of dreams I can't bend,
Maybe I do repent,
I'll still die for ya that's why I ...
Big wings,
We fly to your nest of loss of consciousness,
And great residents,
Of good endeavors,
Time for oxygen,
You take my breath away,
To another place,
Combine with me,
As I ...
...stand here.

07. Lavish

You're a super sonic angel from a very happy place....

I could dream,
A million dreams,
Not in one night,
You'd be surprised 
At how you make me feel,

I'm not a god,
Nor a devil,
But you could believe
The things I've lost,
I give you patience,
Wipe tears from your face,
You're a super sonic angel from a very happy place,
Very lavish,

Take me home,
To see my father,
Wanna be free,
It's not up to me,
I don't know what is real,

A mess in this life,
Although I hate it,
I'm glad I met with you,
I see the problems,
I see the cost of what i can erase,
You're a super sonic angel from a very happy place,
Ooooo so lavish.

08. ....That You Loved Him 

He Never realized that you loved him,
When he was down and out,
No one wanted him around,
You were there for him,
Through the goods
And the bads and the greats,
And the glorious,
No one is perfect thats inferior,
To all out morals and burdens,
Thanks for all your service,
I had a feeling that you stayed up at night,
I wish that we could go back in time,
To a simpler pace,
Not much of our speed,
But a lot of our space,
And even though your like a hundred years old,
I'll still kiss your face,
You could miss that with my heart,
I'm a romantic at heart,
I swear I love you.

09. Do You Go Back Today?

I hope you don't mind if I just sit here and cry,
My heart just died inside , is this the end of life,
When you smile,
There must be magic,
I couldn't ever imagine,
What has happened,

Wish you didn't have to go, movements kind of
I can't stop you in time,
Had a feeling this would happen, with lucid 
But turns into transition,
Hoping you would turn back again,

Do you have to go back today?
Do you have to go back today?
Do you have to go back today?
Do you have to go back today?
Do you have to go back today?

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