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Sunday, January 3, 2016



By Arcassin Burnham

Those cold days,
Swear I'm never going back to that,
when I was doing everything to get my life
Back in order,
Turning 18 and swinging sticks at alley cats,
And those kids say they hate me well imagine 
Those broad days, 
Where I wish I never woke from my naps,
Putting all that is at stake to perform a better
Sometimes disgusted at fact that I was even black,
I was a cool and chill kid that didn't need a swag,
Forget first kisses,
You had your wishes,
You didn't mention,
To submission, 
No honorable mentions,
You didn't listen,
On the kill-list,
All of your desires,
All of your feelings,
You were gifted,
But you just waste it,
Nothing is pleasant.

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