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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

"Into Eyes"

"Into Eyes"

By Arcassin Burnham 

Excuse the tenseness in me,
Your just not the one that understands,
That I could be a better man than 
He ever was,
Appalled at your love,  it's a drug,
And I'm ready for it,
Have to get along with the man from above,
So that he could bless us,
For this engagement, 
I'm so lucky,  I'm so lucky baby, 
To stare into a pair of eyes like yours,
I'm happy that I could get the chance to explore what ever wonders you have,
Watching the doves cry with these situations, 
Writing love notes to you was my occupation, 
All the times of being laughed at and misused,
Sometimes I wish I had a fully automatic gun that I could use,
But to you,
I was just someone you loved,  nothing more,
No telling what would happen if I walked out of this door,
No spoilers, 
No happiness, 
No fun,
No clarity,
I'm done.

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  1. Although I love the poem, I started to leave the page when I arrived. You may want to reduce how many times the artwork appears, some people may not stick around to check if you have the poem here. Just a suggestion.