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Friday, January 8, 2016

"Tangent Chord" (ft. Patty m)

"Tangent Chord" (ft. Patty m)

By **arcassin b** & Patty m

random rules
rebellion pools
cockroaches and pests
crawl through unrest 

**your leaving the stress**
**on my head but instead**
**the air in my chest**
**would save it at best**

making nothing into something
with you flippant retort
anger is the fuel
that drives us apart 

**While I hide in the dark**
**From the anxiety**
**I see a side of me that never changes**
**but it's time to embark with a**

gun in hand
think u the man 
through a red haze
confusion blazes

**Summon cemeteries**
**If you can**
**searching for a new**
**then your quite brave**

fast and furious
the curious get
twisted insane
logic don't mesh
as you cut through flesh
a bomedy
bloods kind of comedy

**look at what a pretty picture**
**all your blood made**
**quite fresh**
**swear you can not test**
**the horrors that await you**
**in that bitches frequency**

stuck on stupid
feel powerless
step up or step down
stir the potion all around
where's the black magic 
it's tragic life is too real
a spiel spouted by the rich
sick son of bitch 

**one day the people will**
**eat the rich**
**and spark the light of a new dawn**
**when higher being comes in for the taking**
**silenced with a piece of steel**
**everyone is on the run**

gotta get the job done
and seamlessly transcend
I'm drawn to all this power
aint' steppin down again.

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