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Sunday, January 3, 2016

'Little Eyes" (ft. Wolf Spirit)

"Little Eyes" (ft. Wolf Spirit)

By Arcassin B & wolf spirit

**WS**: little eyes, what do you see
reflections of what we're meant to be
i'm looking at you, you're looking at me
but do you really, truly see?
what lives within the heart of me?
**AB**: little eyes, tell me is it me,
Directions in what you choose will be
The vision is clear, glancing at my face,
Do you invest all your time in empathy?
should I give you a chance to be free?
**WS**: little large is your world
do you look to me to see your dreams unfurled?
i look at you with tired eyes
open to prospect and sweet surprise
looking into your little eyes
**AB**: little eyes, wont you tell me your name,
Receptive to your realities of this place
Staring at a bunch of leaves,
What in the can you retrieve and believe,
Watching as the world dies
**WS**: little eyes, how much do you see?
do you reach within to the soul of me?
can we make bygones into goodbyes
languid, restful in these little eyes?

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