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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

"Cara Delevingne"

"Cara Delevingne"

By Arcassin Burnham 

*Her love is like turning the tides away from the*
*Docks at riverside in the afternoons and fighting*
*Off horrific terrifying fire breathing dragons that*
*Overwhelmed us in desperate times of weather*
*Or not this is a fantasy*, 
*Depends on the what you read*,
*I'm certain that the things I say won't change the fact*
*That she's a heart of golden pellets in my brain that* 
*Drives me insane*,
*Driving me to the ends of the earth to meet her standards*,
*But who needs standards when you have the warm embrace* 
*Of someone holding you and makes firecrackers pop off*
*In your head when they kiss you*,
*I guess thats what that boy thought in paper towns*,

Hoping that you see me for the creative , simplistic 
Caresmatic,  articulate black boy from Florida that
Has no life at all and sees shame in every corner of
Of that aspect, only wanting the best for himself and
His family,

*I can sit here all day and talk about how beauty stikes*
*Power in your soul*,
*Or do something lame like make memes and continue*
*To gain self-control*, 
*I'm just an old soul in a teens body putting one foot forward*
*Each time I console with myself*, 
*Sometimes I can't stand myself*,
*But with you in the mix we will only prevail*.

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