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Sunday, January 24, 2016

"Flowers And A Deck Of Cards"

"Flowers And A Deck Of Cards"

By Arcassin Burnham

Lilac in the morning sun while the feelings were
Still there lingering questions through my 
Cranium yet it fills a mental stadium full of 
Bad brain cells of bad memories and bad 
That means that everything that I went through 
Was all in my head,
The posture of a levelheaded troubled soul is often
I don't negotiate with corrupted feds,
I'm just being honest,
There are quite a few regrets,
my feelings are like a bucket of glass barrettes that 
Are being worn by the classiest females of our time
And our time is still hanging in the balance,


*you better choose the right card*,
*but please don't put up your guard*,
*I'm the only one that knows who you are*,
*you've only gone so far*,
You're so majestic in your ways of socializing 
All of the beautiful attributes that come with
Bliss in your heart,
And if I'm hanging with the wrong crowd lately, 
I'm so sorry, we could talk about our feelings 
To start.

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