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Friday, January 1, 2016

"New Years Proposition" (ft. WordVango)

"New Years Proposition" (ft. WordVango)

By =arcassin b= & **vango**

**it is January 1st and another**
**Year has gone by**,

=I won't let my future ambitious 

** tis the day of a year where dreams**
**For a new better year lie**,

=have no fear it's the new year and 
There's no time to cry=

**nor time to let ole Lang sine be**
**Forgotten is the time to make**

=to never cover all of your losses=

**with new years comes a bed of**
**A parade last years faults**,

=a year that you won't forget
With children and adults=

**and the innocents just got caught** 
**Up in**,

=the icy frozen tundra where they 
Keep the sin=

**is thawing now, we are caught**
**up in**.

Happy New Years!!!!!!

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