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Tuesday, September 29, 2015



By Arcassin Burnham

Let me wrap my lovin over you,
Cover you with decadence,
Let me show that the world isn't
So bad,
If you give 100% in every life goal,
Let it unfold between letting in,
While Lucy is still in the sky her diamonds,
As the group sings,
I just that I've invested in some wedding rings,
And the finer things,
Along with all the simple things,
In life we couldn't make with enough
I cry , you cry its simple , sometimes
We're just appalled,
Let me wrap my lovin over you,
Let me show you that the rain could
Get a bit cold,
Let me show you that  despite of all your
That your body in general is still at a hold,
Like a magnet , you've got a hold on me.

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