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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

"Step-dad (So Called) Pt.1"

"Step-dad (So Called) Pt.1"

By Arcassin Burnham

Fixing to be a dead man,
But you're a dead beat,
Thought you'd learned something by now,
But you ain't hearing me,
Can't hide from the truth,
Swear that you could provide,
Thinking your the truth,
But your a lie,
Just a lying motherfucker in disguise,
Don't hide your head lil' boy,
To the streets you a toy,
To be played with and controlled,
I will always avoid,
Ignorance is in the room,
The devil won't protect you,
But you ain't hearing me,
Keep laughing,
Trying to be the good Samaritan,
Your own family wouldn't want any
Strikes on them,
And I don't blame them,
Hoping the Lord could save them,
You're no man,
Your no provider,
You're a fucking crook mixed with a
Scared little liar,
Boy want nothing to do
With the stupid activities you do,
And all the people that hang around you,
I just keep a hit list or two,
So please don't try me you sorry excuse,
From you claim to be,
Nobody has respect for you.

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