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Saturday, September 12, 2015

"Lissy / Mine Again"

"Lissy / Mine Again"

By Arcassin Burnham

**everyday that we don't talk**,
I swear I just lose **my mind**,
I'm drowning in pain,
Losing track of time,
Is it headaches or grime,
I just hope we haven't lost our time,
Hoping everything will suffice,
And even though it's dead,
And it's made up,
I put the painkillers in a cup
Behind the T.v,
Thinking about the recent history
We had but instead...
Love **I don't mind**,
Putting trust in me that I thought
I had in myself,
I would have it any other way
Good and bad health,
Why won't you trust me,
**I don't mind**.


Three headed hell-pits,
Lingering at my soul,

Head or tales , take your pick,
Your teenage soul's set old,

All about my past,
The breaking of the wine glass,
Hearts cold , but filled with decadence,
Days of the unknown,
Walking through diamond valley,
These Mists get a little clearer,
But you gotta get the clearer picture,

Don't call your friends
And get drunk,
Why are these hearts so cold?

Rorschachs all over my face,
Be glad that it's not mold,

That you'll never be mine again,
And we'll never be more than 
Now-a-days its a little personal,
I can  endure a little hate and discrimination,
And your determination to ridicule,
Just know...
...**I don't mind if its you**.

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