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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

"Stay The Night & Make-Out Love"

"Stay The Night & Make-Out Love"

By Arcassin Burnham

*Silky skin doesn't mean a thing to me,*
Putting me on the shelf with all her other failures,
Clawing at my eyes to find a better sight,
I look in front of me,
Realizing I might die in kisses tonight,
Smothered in love  that has no words,
Can't describe the way I feel with grace,
Patch up my face,
I despise fate,
I love the way lips taste,
Honesty is key nowadays,
Please be discreet,
*when you talk It doesn't mean a thing to me,*
I hear a thousand voices in my head each day,
She says,
Anything she thinks I like,
I never listen,
Blocking out the wicked,
Inferrior to her choice of clothing,
Backing off because my nerves can't take it,
I use to love you,
Now I desert you fully.

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