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Monday, September 28, 2015

"Say A Thing (Cry)"

"Say A Thing (Cry)"

By Arcassin Burnham

I forbid you not to say a thing,
Because every piece of your character
Comes right out,
Not showing affection to you would be a crime,
In my dispute,
Although we have several,
But if I get drunk,
And if you get drunk
With our halos over our heads,
We will live in great peril,
And when you cry,
I don't know what to do at times,
I just thought maybe if you'd soon realize,
That some people need forgiving,
Even for their Sanities,
And themselves,
To keep on living,
Don't say a thing,
Cause your silence is ever so divine,
I could make a poem with it,
Take it a step further,
And share all your dark secrets,
More like your nectar,
I need it more than the bees do,
To get my creative juices flowing,
Just enough to please you.

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