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Monday, September 14, 2015

"Beautiful Lady Friend / Deal Though / Will I Always"

"Beautiful Lady Friend / Deal Though / Will I Always"

By Arcassin Burnham

I lay beside you my bestfriend,
Hold hands with you my bestfriend,
We laugh,
We live,
We play,
We love,
Swear you intrigue me bestfriend,
Open arms for you my bestfriend,
The world knows about you my bestfriend,
Your beauty is gift,

*And I,*
*Lay my hand apon your cheek,*


I was at my whits end,
Leaving her was like the abilicle cord I could not cut,
Lost Archangel running away,
The clouds could not hide you from me,
You putting your trust in me,
Now I'm a distant memory,
Nothing more but a bunch of condoms in the backseat,
I can't breathe ,
When you say that,
I can't deal though,
Fine then leave,


Will I Always care,
Open up so many days,
Use to like your magic,
Loved your madness,
Lusting over your sin,
The laughter made it seem okay,
But love this day I have no limits,
For I could be the Superman you've always wanted,
But will I Always,
Be a stranger to you,
Blind spot to you,
Embarrassed to face that virtue,
Afraid afterwards to face you,
You went away,
And that's why you won't ever hear me say,
Will I Always,............................ the one.

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