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Thursday, September 10, 2015

"That Daffodil Smell"

"That Daffodil Smell"

By Arcassin Burnham

Grab her and hold her tight slick,
You only got one chance at this,
Do you make her smile and tell
Her things like " peek-a-boo ",
Like fake lovers do,
I'm looking right at you,
Your mind is here,
But her body is somewhere else,
Where she doesn't have to hear your
Horrible jokes,
Paraphrasing all things in your life as a hoax,
Should have stuck with a rose,
Be we all know,
That sometimes a rose signifies death,
If she comes back , will you take care of
You're not looking so good,
Maybe the hospice will help,
I'm thinking out loud at the moment,
Or T.O.L.A.T.M I suppose,
That You texted to me when you gave
This long speech about getting her back,
Had nothing to do with that,
But like a dumb ass I replied right back,
So slow and simple minded,
Bored and dumbfounded,
You're fifty shades of fucked up,
With a side of punches from Garnet,

**Smell it**.


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