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Sunday, September 13, 2015

I Will Never Stop mEP

01. All In You

By Arcassin Burnham

All in you I see the sun
Shining bright throughout its core,
All in you I wonder how
Beauty takes its toll and
Forgets no more,
All in you I see the anger
And the hurt behind your face,
All in you I smell the perfume
You wore when I stayed over late,
All in you , there is no
Measure of time,
We could do what ever you
All in you I sense the past
Of a broken love that you
Never confront,

**All In You**

All in you I see the angel in
Your soul, hope they don't mind,
All in you I can keep going on and on
About mistakes we find,
All in you I feel restraint
Loving you will make me faint,
Ain't no mountain high enough
To get to you,
But our souls collide,
I'm all in you.

02. From The Lines

By Arcassin Burnham

18 years of my life  makes
Me feel so disgusted,
So appalled,
So errored out,
Can you feel the negletion,
Of a black American teen just trying
To live his dream,
With less purpose on this earth
And a pocket with no cream,
I hate slang,
Pull out my fangs and suck the
Life out of depression,
Why do you come around when no
Worries are found?
Want to be happy to receive  a plate
Of a better life,
Won't leave it cold,
My soul drifts in snow,
From these lines I put everybody beneath
In a flash,
How will I make it in this world without cash,
Unfortunate as I was born to be,
Alot of people sincerely hate me,
I'm famous for that,
But why can't I be famous for my learnings
And writings for a fact.

03. Violence But

By Arcassin Burnham

I get it!
I faced a lot of dumb shit in my days,
Being on this earth is a phase,
Can you stand the rain?
High anxiety got me paranoid,
Need to grab a dime of weed,
Life chews me up like a toy,
Toy soldiers carry green hearts,
Justify my weakness to the world aye!
First you could call out my name
Maybe that's a start,
Love don't live here,
Well fuck! Where is it gonna stay?
But i won't ever put up my guard,
Use to run with the kids in Holly hill,
I'd rather see them die,
Humiliating myself wasn't an 
Nearly at the time,
But at that time I was hoping I'd
Fit up stairs,
But it was suicide,
A lot people took me for granted
Just on a quick note that's cut and cold,
Had to get involved with violence
But my pride didn't like chokeholds.

04. Psychopathic (But I'm Okay)

By Arcassin Burnham

......I tried to make it right at every turn,
But it pulled me closer into a ditch,

Same luck with,
Thinking twice,
Gone in a flash,
Dropping like flies,
Have to be careless to get ahead,
My skull aches and mixes into the witches brew,
I'll be home instead,
Waking up without you in my bed,
Going insane from all the stress,
Starting to catch and collect cats
Cut them open,
And hang them on my wall,
Then when I see you in the afternoons,
I'll be walking tall,
And all the things I wanna talk about with you
Will have to wait,
But I'm okay,
Just can't wait to get out of this place,
Still the same luck with,
Not noticing,
The whereabouts of,
Being a crazy person,
Should be a shit-faced
Bootah Belly full of food on the couch lazy person,
Thinking out loud,
Unless my mouth is flapping,
Every just heard I'm killing cat,
But their steady laughing,
I have to walk away I
Don't want this to be a sequel,
They'd be really laughing if I started killing people.

05. Swinish Eyes

By Arcassin Burnham

Green eyed beauty
Like a moth to a flame,
But came out of the womb a Phoenix,
Claimed the royal name,
Do too much,
When I know you do less,
Your swinish eyes,
Keeps the world from looking a mess,
Half demon and human,
You had it all planned out,
All your Nobel sacrifices,
Never ever give people doubt,
Do too much,
When I know you do less,
Your swinish eyes,
Keeps the world from looking a mess,
Infatuated with your beauty,
Obsessed with all your looks,
Adored all your features,
That chance is what I took
Do too much,
When I know you do less,
Your swinish eyes,
Keeps the world from looking a mess.

06. Invited

By Arcassin Burnham

I was excited for the fact that you had beautiful love,
Covered all over my soul,wrapped around floating
Heart on sleeves but I never held my tongue,
I feel the intoxicated incense filling up your lungs,
Glad to be invited,
To a bedroom full of dreams and secrets we can not
Glad to be invited,
To the feelings you called home , and in advance
Just left me here to die,
Then came back
With a white bat,
Flying over my head,
A reminder of an attack,
Who would think of that,
Life's too short for the drama,
So let me take it back,
Bad luck from the black cat,
That sits in the windows,
I'm the person it stares at,
I'm so glad.

07. ~take back~

By Arcassin Burnham

I only lost,
What I couldn't control,
I paid some costs,
Man! Memories are old,

I'll take back,
My whole life again,
Won't look back,
Sometimes it's never the end.

08. Weird Visits

By Arcassin Burnham

While I'm sleeping,
Weird visits from these creatures while I'm screaming,
That Everyday I could bless the ones that nearly got away,
I can't make you do it if I know you will not stay,
Forgetting what we've built so far,
Now your so far,
I can't make a way,
Walking on thin ice,
I freeze but there's no given reason I would be involved in escapades,
I'll give my all , if you right next to me,
I'll give my all , if you just kissed me in my face,
And tell me that you'll never let me go and I'll stay in the same place,


09. Where You Should Be (end)

By Arcassin Burnham

I will never stop being me,
I will never stop being me,
Unless you're you,
You should be right here with me,
Where you should be,
With me,
I will never stop being me,
I will never stop being me,
For you,
I know you miss that,
I haven't been myself lately,
Need to fix that,
Putting together all the pieces,
I was a cool cat,
was at a cross roads,
You need to understand that,
You should be right here with me,
Where you should be,
With me.

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