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Saturday, May 31, 2014

"Keep Calling" (Long Mastered Version)

"Keep Calling"
By Arcassin B

i thought you were the one,
but instead you were a freight,
i was buried from the sun,
hiding everyday and every night,
but you and your voicemails,
are really annoying,
you use to paint your nails,
with vanity and suffering,
like jellybeans and m & m's,
they really just dont mix,
its like every direct hit,
is an every direct miss,
you keep calling,
i hate it,
you keep calling,
i hate it,
to the core,
do you know for sure,
how much i hate you,
when you do that,
he must of did something that lead you right back,
to me,
i dont see , any future with you,
or any sympathy,
to many,
of your ex's hate me,
and we could go on and on,
about the things that you see,
or i see,
the candles,
the flowers,
or your obsession, with avon,
or that you think mustaches are a turn on,
Conversate about stupid things,
theres nothing more i can say hun.

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