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Monday, May 12, 2014

"Just Alittle"

"Just Alittle"
by Arcassin B

Your vocals cords are loaded with roses,
when you talk,
Didnt take the lack of effort to be chosen,
like a boiled broth,
Everybody knows you around town,
like we never did,
only cause being around,
was never our intentions,
we were misunderstood,
by alot of popular people,
only chance we stood,
being outcast was something very lethal,
over shadowing all your friends,
that was never the plan,
there was no happy ending,
for something we couldnt understand.
So we fell back just alittle,
falling on our luck,
with that being said,
caused us to fall in love,
See we all make mistakes,
but the only way is to learn from,
and right now ill do what it takes,
to sit by you and that old stump,
The beautiful things you use to say,
and the things you use to do,
And for the wicked we pray,
Even the evil popular ones at school,
i wish you were here with me,
telling me its gonna be fine,
rubbing on my head,
watching my sorrow decline.
just Alittle.

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