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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

"Hell Water" (Photo By Christy Patino)

"Hell Water"
By Arcassin Burnham

girls in purple dresses,
swimming in the pond,
sure would be good,
if they didnt have anything on,
but thats the thing with lust,
in god we trust,
get the scars off your back,
telling him to save us,
i know the cause,
of destruction and the devastation,
i loved her impatiently,
so that caused her to break in pieces like animation,
my life is a spin cycle,
filled with suicidal teens,
waiting for their moment to shine,
recklessness by all means,
we rise the goonies,
you fall like who were they,
Leaf tops of the nearest trees,
dont let your doubts ricochet,
i think maybe you should check yourself,
before any doubt could be reached,
and for that you need extra help,
for the hell water you drink,
too many conflicts have happened,
making you sane,
imagining you still sang,
purple rain,
i say,
too many conflicts have happened,
making you sane,
imaging you still sang,
purple rain.

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