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Sunday, May 18, 2014

"Put It All Behind"

"Put It All Behind"
by Arcassin Burnham

you and me were rebels,
you and me were sex addicts,
you and me were against the world,
trying to take a stab at it,
you use to have this habit,
of walking down the street,
and chasing me down,
begging for forgiveness sweetly,
your family were all jerks,
saying this wouldnt work,
but little did they know,
sooner or later you were gonna give birth,
so we kept it a secret,
and waiting til the time was right,
with your sister snooping around,
i just stayed away for some nights,
looking at the next day,
thinking this would be over,
just to see your face again,
choosing different closures,
ill never make that mistake again,
blue hair,
covered my chest,
without a single regret,
remember that time you were single,
feeling desperate,
lights on all your walls,
pictures with all the phone numbers,
settings that couldnt be relapsed,
wishing she was a dog lover,
or my lover.

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