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Monday, June 2, 2014

"The Hate Poem"

By Arcassin Burnham

From being jumped on a bus,
To friends showing true colors,
Take pity on you all,
To death or some other
My life was not a box of chocolates,
More like a take cover,
I pray you motherfuckers die,
Like a dreaded lover,

For my exs,
You will never have my love again,
You bitches are whores anyway,
I hate you all with a deep sorted passion,
Make me think I'm a horrible person,
Cause I love to kill,
Put my frustration out on you,
So the times I had with y'all will perish still,
From being called a fake,
To the accuse of a non cheater system,
I hope you bitches have babies,
And the fathers leave them.

The annoyance
And the anger,
Would only get me through my day,
And for that I hate myself,
Knock you out,
So you dont have the words to say,
And still I pray today,
To everyone that left me behind,
A horrible fate.

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