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Monday, May 26, 2014

"Tattoo Butterfly Girl" (Full Mastered Version)



when i fount out that the attitude wouldnt ware off,
just to show you off,
and i can make you smile without a compromise,
like wanting marijanna to be legalized,
to get high off your love,
is what im saying,
loving you enough to tell the lord,
i was praying,
so me and you could see forever,
i know you wouldnt trust another,
she wants me for the better,
its sunday,
time to chill and cuddle,
make you see a new day,
dont need an under cover lover,
tattoos all down your back,
i swear your an angel  or some sort,
you got a hold on me,
do i sound like a dork?
for being this romantic,
love your butterfly tat,
your laughs are so symbolic,
thats what i love about you,
thats what i love about you.

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