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Sunday, May 25, 2014

"Breathe For You" (photo by P0RG) (Full Version)

"Breath For You"
by Arcassin B
Photo by P0rg

wont ever let you down,
putting all my feelings aside making a frown,
staring at life,
wonder how the world will be upside down,
ocean of the last breath , i drown,
i wonder how your life was coming up,
turning it around instead of feeling stuck,
just your luck , huh,
doing everything you can to make a buck, huh
like you said , just your luck,
i would never let her take your place,
she was only just a friend of mine,
i had to chase,
you down,
to tell you that it wasn't cool with the way you were acting,
calm down,
dont let your emotions get the best of you,
instead of snapping,
you could have been out with your friends,
doing certain things to make you laugh,
i just keep on going til im at the end,
and you have all the space that you will ever need,
i just hope you give me space enough to breathe,
for you.

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