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Monday, May 26, 2014

"Don't Worry" (Photo By Morley) (Full Version)

"Dont Worry"
by Arcassin B

Leave Your troubles behind,
there was once a fair share,
full of your heart and mine,
it was silver divine,
a fire ball in my eyes,
glad i met you ,
in disguise,
too proud to beg,
dry your eyes,
dont make me seem surprised,
while im in disguise,

she puts the L,
in love,
cuts just like a knife,
but see she makes it feel alright,
make you bleed without cutting ya,
thats a final strike,
has it even occurred to me,
that your friends were dikes,
has it even bothered,
that your dad fights with you at night,
about me,
hoping that you see this quite,
bad at your expense,
maybe it will come back,
just like suspense.
dont worry about me.

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