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Thursday, January 8, 2015

"Weird Days Pt.1" (ft.Mayas)

By Arcassin B and Mayas

AB: Let me tell you about this egotistical douche at work today,
I walk in my office right,
I sit down,
I put everything down,
This guy,
Polka dot tie,
And weird gay looking smile,
Ask me did I have an extra pen,
So I'm like,
Wasn't Rosie at the front desk,
Giving out free supplies for everyones office,
Hes yes but I want one from you,
I'm like,
This motherfuker is a retard for real.

Mayas: The sun was shining,
A glorious day,
Nothing could go wrong.
So I thought...
I get in the shower
There's no warm water...
After a cold shower
I get dressed. 
Start doing my makeup...
Stab myself with my mascara.
Have to start again...
This day could not get worse. 
After the morning I've had I'm in desperate need of coffee...
A good cup of coffee. 
I walk into the coffee shop
The barista is looking mighty fine. 
My morning just got turned around. 
Of course I try to look cute.
Got the googlie eyes going on,
Try and do a hair flip,
I fall and eat $#!+
It's gonna be a fabulous day.

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