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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

01.Tell You So - (18 mini ep)

By Arcassin Burnham

Still 17,
Hair got longer since last time we spoke,
You were a queen,
Of decadence,
Laying me to rest,
And pray to god I didn't drown when I awoke,
It was dream,
But you could never understand,
You see lately,
Ive been thinking about holding someone's hand,
Or maybe even getting back all my friends,
But in the end,
It didn't last,
Betrayal came quick,
Forming an offspring of gastric bypass,
And a dirty old broken down back road,
That everybody like to talk about,
In the bushes where they keep their stash,
Of hatred,
The true power of Satan,
Planning the hype of making deals,
That you will never get pay back in advance,
But take every advantage you have,
Cause people are just gonna come and knock you down,
Like it really fucking matters,
Until artillery season ends,
We'll all be facing the consciences,
Rumors get pend,
No one cares about the circumstances,
Its time to grow up everybody , kindergarten been over,
A sight to say I tell you so,
I will not be put down no longer.

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