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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

"Love Marks" (ft. Alexis Walker & Arcassin B)

By Alexis & Arcassin

When the arch of my back doesnt fall lower then London bridge 
The tip of your fist meets my skin, breaking the bridge, breaking my skin breaking my heart and
Leaving broken pavement under my skin you call 
love marks
Hickeys even
Bragging saying you "sucked the life out of me"
Yes Indeed you did the moment that bridge collapsed with our love
Leaving two hearts in a Comanche,
Centipedes crawling on their way to salvation, I hope you reach the top,
For which you came,
Spirits grabbing and pulling,
I see you found the love huh?,
Don't want your feelings to be caught being futile,
Wind through your sorrows and not through your hair,
I swear I got to steal a moment when you only,
Dancing in the Moonlight,
The churches bright lights,
Not knowing that devil dances with you,
A spirit gripping and pulling,
Did you reach the top yet?
Almost selling souls,
Like it was a cockpit

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