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Thursday, January 8, 2015

"We Can't Be Enemies , We Cant Be Friends"

By Arcassin Burnham


It took a Long time for god to show me
Who I really belong to,
I needed someone at the time to care for me,
That's when I stumbled apon you,
Beautiful eyes , and the pretty dreadlocks to match,
I was so in love,
I didn't think when we started I wouldn't become attached,
Little did I know the time would come,
Sitting here thinking to myself,
That we couldn't be friends any longer,
at least that was what I was thinking to myself,
Its ashame to know that i couldnt be more wronger,
Not in my nature to be mad at her,
I should have blame myself for everything that happen,
For dumb ignorant reasons that would occur,
Dominant with all the attackin',
Care for her in a long state of knowing her,
I was on my best behavior,
Wishing every night that me and her could rule the earth,
And I don't even wanna stay here,
The clock strikes 12 I remember her name,
With a sense of delicacy,
I search for a better way to love,
Hoping one day she'll be into me.

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