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Thursday, January 29, 2015

"Fifth Season" (ft. Adam Kobosky & Arcassin B)

By Adam & Arcassin

What is technically the first season?

The cold drives you insane,
but you swear that is not it.
So what is it?
Do you ever feel safe
as each unique snowflake falls?
Will you accept Spring is just around the corner,
because life is filled with hope.
Never be scared,
you can try again.

Everything is made new,
all old things feel worn out.
Flowers bloom,
and the wind has a simple tune.
Birds chirp,
and the guy who loves a girl flirts.
Never be scared,
you can try again.

What is technically the fifth season?

A bunch of remedies of what the weather could be,
Is it rain , sleek , snow or feeling dusty,
In the people purple postures feeling fluffy,

Ah !! I hate school , its a crying shame,
But you gotta be shameless,
Penny penchant wear a costume with some silver stains,
And the kind of feel in the holiday is pretty wasteless,
Need another moment for life to feel the pain,

Leaves fall for purposes don't push it,
The leaves will leave you in shambles,
Nice condensation when you think about it,
Trying not to get your rocks off buying out of staples,
But who goes to staples anymore forget about it.

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