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Monday, January 26, 2015

02.Find A Place For Me - (Apart Of Me mini ep)

By Arcassin Burnham

She had,
Time for me,
And we,
Had chemistry,
The way she treated me,
Baby its blasphemy,
She kicked me out,
Now you just find a place for me,
One for the journal,
One for the books,
One for the heartbreak,
And one for your beautiful looks,
She could  have destroyed  me,
But just seeing what it took,
To get you to understand,
That my mistakes you overlooked,
I'm glad to say,
You stole my love book,
Read through my diary,
As if I haven't wrote a thing,
She could see all of my thoughts,
And future of wedding rings,
Happy that I'm a good artist too,
I drew the ring I'd give to you,
Its safe to say!
You'll see the day,
Your dad walks down the aisle with you.

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