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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

"Gardens & Hippies" (ft. FNB)

By Arcassin B and FNB

AB: flowers and trees,
A thousand degrees,
We screw around in the winter,
But we could never freeze,

FNB: Leaves falling,
Fireplace calling,
The icy and cold wind is somewhat appalling,

AB: Lost In Translation,
Broken sacrifices,
Free extended vacations,
Let's perform a crisis,

FNB: Out in the dainty,
Crystalline frost,
I reach for your hand and my worries are lost,
But winter will fade,
And in comes the sun,
The cold left some ice that cant be undone,

AB: summer time when the spirit of a young god
Lay to rest,
Flowers in your hair signifies,
That you're at your best,
Love music and tattoos,
And some grain of sand,
Sitting in the corn fields,
We can't lose,
To a world created by man.

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