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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

"Concept / Grasp It"

by Arcassin Burnham


I heard the sirens last night,
Must be airing out,
Vivid thoughts of your emotional busted future,
I never do sir,
I go with the flow with everything I do,
Life in your hands,
Thought so,
I knew it wasn't you,
Put on my pants one leg at a time,
Then i sat,
Sneakers, hoodies and Adidas,
Trying on a bucket hat,
But yo it wasn't what I was feeling,
Somethings we can't help,
And ever black man does,
He gets killed,
Did the video go viral?
Did you see the officer that did it?
You should perish,
How the hell is this man still livin'.
If you don't get concept ,
By now you Should have it,
Its right in front of you,
All you need...........


.........To do is  "Grasp it"

Do you feel it yet?!!
I know a lot of y'all been sending out many threats,
Bashing the internet about interracial couples on commercials,

Do you see how mad and pissed off I got yet?
Why the world lost people without justice,
Why economy telling us to forget this,
Killed in cold blood in a mini mart,
How could we all ever forget this.

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