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Saturday, January 7, 2017

"Warm Embrace Of You ( Continuation From Fantasy Stricken)"

"Warm Embrace Of You (continuation from Fantasy Stricken)"
By Arcassin Burnham 

How you been,
How's the weather treating you all on this end,
I repent,
For the day I get to see your face again,
It was sin,
That combined us , intertwined us through our touch,
It was lust,
Sealed and sending us in a sexual rush,
Blaming fate,
For the arguments and lying that took place,
I regret,
All that I said to you trying to maintain,
Its At rest,
All we worked for thinking you'd forget my name,
You were cruel,
Knowing our friendship will never be the same,

Bad intentions don't bring happy endings pacing back and forth 
In a dark room where I reside to be alone,
No matter what I do , I've told you about my situations and my family,
And how they don't care about me,
And now you don't care about me,
Its apparent that this was all for nothing,
Just to give me something to deal with,
And you know I don't need the bullshit,
Don't really have remorse for you,
I'm so glad that we're through,
But I'm wishing I could hold you in my arms for a day or two,
The warm embrace of you.

"Forgetting the ones that "so-called" loved you is a death trap".

- Arcassin B.

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