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Sunday, January 8, 2017

"Bus Stop"

"Bus Stop"
by Arcassin Burnham

*Like an angel forsaken and dipped in hellfire*,
*she was a girl of many things and many talents when the school whores*
*don't really expire*,
*she was a good liar*,
*she was something more electric like a live wire*,
*Did so many things that she wasn't proud of that a real teen wouldn't do*,
*girls all over school disgracing her name* , *like just be glad it wasn't you*,
*been at it since 8th grade and still ain't change in the actual*,
*But a nice home* , *good man* ,*two kids and a dog would be virtual*,
*Almost like a simulation because she thinks it won't ever happen*,
*remembering her last boyfriend* , *her was eyes were blackened*,
*was never a role model* , *she'd tell them to join the wagon*,
*i'll meet you at the bus stop*,

*As beautiful as heaven and destructive like her dad*,
*lived at nana's house to go to school* , *she was the only one she had*,
*and she was always sad*,
*because her grand daughter that she loved dearly was simply*
*going mad*,
*Had her first child with a guy that'll never leave her side*,
*that'll never black her eyes* , *that'll never make her cry*,
*but instead in the midst of situations he would dry her eyes*,
*took her to rehab and showed how to be a strong person*,
*He Saved her life before her life could even worsen*,
*I see your happy at the bus stop*.

"Many men could be a blessing in disguise".

- Arcassin B.

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