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Friday, January 13, 2017


By Arcassin Burnham


I just had another bad day again,
I don't ever think I'll get paid again , but it ain't about the money,
So just tell a friend,
Now I think it's time to feel reminiscent,
See All my siblings get to see they're dads walk in and out
Drowning in they're filth looking for an easy way to make a living,
I was lost in the cold and only had my granddad , now he's dead and gone,
So I lay my head to the ceiling of broken dreams while thinking
He was immortal,
What if one day hell made a big portal,
And sucked away my problems with a blink and haven't spoke
What ignorance would be and could be like , what's the total?
I won't let the devil get me, the demons can't have my soul,
Sleep paralysis says otherwise but who really knows?
Confronting all my demons is the only way to be what I set out,
Imagine all of yours feeling like actual droughts,
My days fill with rain when I complain only in pain,
Can I move ? Nope! Won't be the same,
But anywhere is better than here in this phase.

"Best I Can 1"

Slowly but surely everything will work
Out one day, 
Settling all of my mistakes in a bubble of
Hope to get through Mondays,
Unsettling remarks to me will get you in the
I'm just saying,
It's fine if you express love and hate at the same time to assert 
Your status as the alpha of what ever sick twisted game your playing,
I'm just saying,
sit back and see your ignorant progress but I digress in having dreams of killing you mother fuckers without any displaying or delaying,
I'm just saying,
I'm trying the best I can to not get angry at the past.

"My First"

You could have been everything and anything I was always dreaming
Of but that stubborn attitude had it all misconstrued in so many ways that
I couldn't think,
When life was already bad enough , you just seemed to make it worse,
I think you were on the verge of meeting you another,
When I loved you first  , Adored you first , you were my first,

I Hate you even more everyday when your birthday comes, and as you
Smile and kiss another man , I hope your day comes,
When you finally realize that love will stab you in the back,
Everything you do to someone, it comes back, so remember that,
I'm glad I'm not there to tell you that,
I use to think of you as someone I came to when I got bullied,
You used me for all I was, you really thought you knew me.


"My Past Sucked".

- Arcassin B.

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