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Monday, January 2, 2017

"Cupids Voice Pt. 4

"Cupid's Voice PT.4"
By Arcassin Burnham

...So They Both Walk in class, sits down and the teacher
Tells them to take out the quiz of math, the class sighs in frustration,
He stares at her from across the room hoping to have some continuation,
Maybe of the little encounter they had in the hall , or the eye contact that
Overwhelmed him for 20 minutes,
Class ends and then they all leave and head out the door, he almost
Tripped , face almost hitting the floor, As kids laugh,
There she goes standing over him again, Rosey red cheeks , so nervous
That she can barely stand,
She says, "Hey think you might need a tutor for the weekend" he replies "um
Mmmmmmmmmmm" Nervously , she laughs and gives him a piece of
Paper "Here's my number , just text me the address and I'll be there in a hurry...
By the way the names Felicia" And she walks off with a smile,
Hasn't had a girl give him her number in awhile,
Except this cute teenage beastie back in seventh grade knowing that cute teenage beastie with no name since kindergarten,
Reminiscent toward the days when they would ride they're bikes to school in a trance listening to mp3's of techno music they couldn't buy , back when he
Lived in Colorado,
He always knew her but she never would reveal her name, he knew that when 
He moved that he would see her someday, she use to where a hoodie and a pink
Shoe string around the wrist to hide the cuts, kids bullying her in school and every time she walked home they called her nuts,
Because he was there to witness it all and stopped those kids,
But why they picked on her? Is because of what her mother did,
Her mother is bipolar and has been on drugs forever,
Carrying the burden, he would never ever leave her, but he did,
Thinking back when he would spend nights cuddling her to sleep,
A lot memories don't stay in peoples minds , it just repeats,
So he gets up , walks into the hall and heads to lunch,
There was a person with a hoodie watching him walk and such...

"Know your real love".

- Arcassin B.

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